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STAT MORNING ROUNDS: Top health officials talk budgets on Capitol Hill

March 15, 2018 News Article

Health secretary Alex Azar is headed to Capitol Hill this morning to talk about HHS’s budget for next year.

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REWIRE: Anti-Choice Group Could Be Forced to Show How It’s Spending Millions in Taxpayer Money

March 5, 2018 News Article

Officials from Equity Forward are aiming to shed light on how an anti-choice group has used tens of millions in state funding.

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KAISER HEALTH NEWS: At New Health Office, ‘Civil Rights’ Means Doctors’ Right To Say No To Patients

March 5, 2018 News Article

The Trump administration is embarking on a sweeping effort to redefine civil rights in health care, with critics accusing the HHS of sidestepping the rights of patients to soothe a far smaller constituency: conservative nurses, hospitals and other caregivers.

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PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Abortion-rights group sues state over anti-abortion group's records

March 5, 2018 News Article

An abortion-rights group is taking the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to court concerning records of a state-funded anti-abortion group. The case was filed in Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania last week by Equity Forward.

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WASHINGTON POST HEALTH 202: HHS chief pushes Trump opioid commission's top recommendation

March 2, 2018 News Article

In a memo warning lawmakers to closely watch the upcoming season of Title X grant applications, the group Equity Forward writes that the program's “long history of bipartisan, evidence-based work is in jeopardy” considering the antiabortion views of the Trump appointees running HHS.

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PENN LIVE: Anti-abortion group gets taxpayer money but hides records, lawsuit claims

March 1, 2018 News Article

A long-running -- but little-noticed -- skirmish in the fight over a woman's right to choose is about to turn into a full-blown fight in state court.

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THE HILL: Groups sue HHS for docs on blocking abortions by undocumented teens

February 2, 2018 News Article

Watchdog groups are suing the Department of Health and Human Services for information related to the agency's blocking of undocumented minors from obtaining abortions. 

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POLITICO PULSE: Scrutiny continues on conscience division, other religious liberty policies.

January 26, 2018 News Article

Mary Alice Carter of Equity Forward, a just launched group devoted to monitoring HHS, said she's worried that the Trump administration is sending signals so that "people will feel emboldened" to deny care like emergency contraception.

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STAT: Contraception is quietly under siege at the Department of Health and Human Services

January 24, 2018 News Article

Instead of hiring qualified public health professionals, the administration has quietly put anti-contraception political activists in charge of reproductive health care for the people who rely on Title X, with no public debate and no meaningful oversight in Congress.

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THE HILL: New watchdog group targets Trump HHS on reproductive health

January 12, 2018 News Article

A new watchdog group focused on reproductive health care is taking on the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Equity Forward will hold accountable organizations and individuals they argue limit access to reproductive health care.

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