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Court affirms OOR ruling, Real Alternatives does not have to disclose service provider agreements

July 19, 2022 News Article

‘This ruling will allow Real Alternatives to continue to enrich itself at the taxpayers’ expense,’ Ashley Underwood, director of Equity Forward said.

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Browser extension shows people which political party companies are donating to // Indy 100

June 30, 2022 News Article

It also gives shoppers a red, yellow, or green symbol to indicate how problematic they believe the company is using data from Media Matters, Human Rights Campaign, Rainforest Action Network, Equity Forward, and more.

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Crisis pregnancy centers facing backlash over high taxpayer costs, medical misinformation // NBC News

June 28, 2022 News Article

“Crisis pregnancy centers” can be found across the nation, but what exactly do they do? NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden investigated centers in Texas, which are often affiliated with groups who support abortion alternatives. Crisis pregnancy centers say they provide free services and abortion...

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Anti-Abortion Centers Find Pregnant Teens Online, Then Save Their Data // Bloomberg

June 27, 2022 News Article

The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, a charity that provides training and legal advice to more than 1,000 anti-abortion clinics across the US, was listed as a Choose Life Marketing partner on the advertising firm’s website, according to a screenshot that Jack Dobkin, a researcher...

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AT&T has bankrolled politicians behind anti-abortion 'trigger laws' in 13 states. Other telecom and media giants aren't far behind. // Business Insider

June 24, 2022 News Article

This story is part of an investigative series from Insider examining the demise of abortion rights in so-called "trigger law" states. It was originally published on May 13, 42 days before the Supreme Court ruled in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization that abortion is no longer a...

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Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers Are Collecting Troves of Data That Could Be Weaponized Against Women // TIME

June 22, 2022 News Article

Twelve states funnel up to $8 million in taxpayer money every year to pregnancy centers, according to a 2021 report from Equity Forward, a reproductive-rights research firm; Texas provides much more than that: $50 million a year.

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They Searched Online for Abortion Clinics. They Found Anti-Abortion Centers // The New York Times

June 22, 2022 News Article

Using Google ads and the promise of free services, Human Coalition, a Texas nonprofit, intercepts women across the country who want to end their pregnancies and tries to stop them.

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People in abortion deserts will be at extra risk of anti-abortion center manipulation if Roe falls // Prism

June 13, 2022 News Article

“We really have to ask ourselves, why are we funding deception and corruption when we can be funding things such as direct financial support for people who are parents, who are pregnant, and also why are we spending money on these programs that deliberately mislead people about abortion?”...

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Google Is (Still) Directing People to Misleading Anti-Abortion Centers // Gizmodo

June 11, 2022 News Article

Because they’re not actual health clinics, Underwood says they also represent a major privacy concern. “Anti-abortion centers are able to obtain private medical information...but they aren’t actually bound by medical privacy laws” like HIPAA, she said.

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New Report Reveals Six 'Sinister' Tactics of Extremist Anti-Abortion Centers// Ms. Magazine

April 27, 2022 News Article

“The anti-abortion center network has developed, deployed and replicated an aggressive scheme of sinister tactics targeting people looking for abortion care and instead drive them to their centers,” said Equity Forward director  Molly Bangs.

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