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Who We Are

Equity Forward is a watchdog project that seeks to ensure transparency and accountability among anti-reproductive health groups and individuals who are actively working to deny people access to services.

Equity Forward exists to not only conduct our own public information campaigns, but also to provide information to support others in the reproductive health, rights, and justice community.

Our work is singular. We do not create policy, we do not provide patient care, we do not provide legal defense and we do not engage in elections. Equity Forward exists to create a window into what opponents of reproductive health care are doing, operationally and tactically, in order to expose malfeasance, fraud, unethical practices, and false information to hold them accountable.

As our first public action, Equity Forward launched HHS Watch to increase scrutiny on the personnel and policy changes at the Department of Health and Human Services that are limiting access to reproductive health care.


Our research drives our work and is focused on the facts: We seek out the who, what, where, when, why, and how behind the forces limiting access to reproductive health services.

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HHS Watch: Scott Lloyd

Trump Administration appointee Scott Lloyd is leading an agency and imposing his anti-abortion views on the minors in his care.


Why Title X Matters

The Trump Administration is fundamentally reshaping the Title X family planning program.


We run research-driven campaigns to hold anti-reproductive health forces accountable.

‘Real Alternatives’ or Real Abuse of Taxpayer Dollars?

Equity Forward takes on a Pennsylvania-based anti-abortion organization.

HHS Watch

Holding the Administration Accountable for Appointees, Policies


Mary Alice Carter

Executive Director

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