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Reproductive Rights Advocates Call for Biden to Curb Foreign Abortion Restrictions

May 5, 2021 News Article

To truly lead on ensuring SRHR and abortion access internationally, the coalition is asking the Biden administration to do much more. This call is part of a broader 100-day assessment of the Biden administration, such as the “report card” issued by Equity Forward that declares what’s missing on...

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Biden administration rejects Trump’s anti-LGBTQ international rights commission

April 2, 2021 News Article

Molly Bangs of Equity Forward said that the report was part of the Trump administration’s “consistent and continued erasure of LGBTQ people.”

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Group seeking public records on Missouri 'alternative to abortion' program charged $26K

March 17, 2021 News Article

“We’ve never gotten a request in the five digits, tens of thousands of dollars before,” said Molly Bangs, the New York-based group’s director. “This was pretty out of the park.”

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Before the Capitol attack, there were the abortion wars.

February 4, 2021 News Article

The link between longtime anti-abortion extremists and today’s Trump rioters and white nationalists hasn’t been sufficiently scrutinized. But there is a “strong tie between anti-abortion terrorism and Christian white nationalism,” said Mary Alice Carter, senior adviser for the reproductive...

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Dr. Rachel Levine’s historic appointment to the Biden administration, explained

January 22, 2021 News Article

“This marks a real turning point that honors and includes trans people,” Molly Bangs, director of Equity Forward, an HHS watchdog group, told Vox about Levine’s nomination in January. “She’s given every indication that she will continue to center equity from all perspectives when ascending to...

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A light at the tunnel end. LGBTQ and European women's rights activists see Biden as an ally

December 22, 2020 News Article

“O governo de Donald Trump atacou os direitos ao aborto, os direitos LGBTQ e outros direitos humanos em várias situações”, disse Molly Bangs, diretora da Equity Forward, uma organização sediada nos Estados Unidos com foco em saúde reprodutiva e direitos das mulheres.

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Feminist Sleeper Cell - Ep 99, Pt 3 - The Garbage Regulations w/ Molly Bangs

December 19, 2020 News Article

Molly Bangs of Equity Forward is here to guide us through our third and final trimester. There are way too many appointed vaginal crossing guards empowered to make regulations about your body and this year they destroyed some programs that folks count on to access care. We cover some of the...

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LGBTQ and Women’s Rights Activists in Europe Hope a Biden Administration Will Make the U.S. an Ally Again

December 18, 2020 News Article

“The Trump Administration has attacked abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, other human rights at every turn, and has also really laid the groundwork for U.S. based hate groups to employ global policy well beyond when the Trump administration actually leaves the White House,” says Molly Bangs,...

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Meet the Conservative Power Couple Behind Trump’s War on Your Civil Rights

November 2, 2020 News Article

Carrie Severino has been reshaping the judiciary, while Roger Severino has been undermining the laws it upholds.

“Really what it all comes down to is that everybody who was working on the outside to undermine the rules is now inside rewriting the rules,” said Mary Alice Carter,...

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